My First Time as an Extra!

Two years ago I was an extra in the fairly new Guy Ritchie film, King Arthur, Legend of the Sword. When you arrive at the set you sign a hefty confidentiality contract thing, agreeing that you won't take any photos, nor give away any plot points etc. Because of this, I've never thought to blog... Continue Reading →


I’m SO Beginner

I set out with the best intentions today. Pinterest is constantly full of the coolest double exposure photography, which I flipping love and it looks so professional. Naturally I thought I’d give it a go myself, and what I ended up with was definitely not what I was after. Double exposure is where you see... Continue Reading →

In Which We Are The King (Poetry)

I have no idea when I last posted a bit of poetry! It’s definitely ages ago, too long ago! Anyway, I’m currently in bed unable to sleep, about to schedule this post for tomorrow because I’ve been having a long old play around with rhyme. Rhyme and half rhyme actually. And maybe a bit more.... Continue Reading →

A Year Ahead In Gigs

I like to make little lists looking forward, because it's kind of exciting and I feel like it makes them come quicker. I thought today that I'd share this list, specifically this time with what gigs I've got coming up.. All of these are in London, because that's basically the only place near me to... Continue Reading →

The Soundtrack Of My Year Abroad

I'm getting slight deja vu sitting down to write this, so I really hope I haven't written this post before and forgotten about it in my old age? (21...) I think I've just contemplated it previously.. here's hoping! I flipping love how music can take you back, and I'm sure in a year or so... Continue Reading →

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