Today I ‘Adulted’…

I’m 21 but nowhere near an adult. I’m currently in university two days a week, and only one of those is an early start so pretty stereotypically I spend a lot of time in bed. On Fridays I have to be in for 9am and my alarm is set for 8.38.. I roll out of... Continue Reading →


A Christmassy, Churchy Evening!

Last night I went to the annual Never Fade Records Christmas show, which is a little gig/ party type affair, and it was flipping brilliant. It was in Islington's Union Chapel, a suuuper nice church which still runs services and isn't just a music venue. It was appropriately kitted out with Christmas trees and lights,... Continue Reading →

A Festive Look Round My House

I never wrote a flat tour kind of post when I moved into this place in September, but the other day I took a few photos of the living room looking Christmassy with the intention of sharing them in this post! It's looking prettyyyy festive. This is the little TV section, pretty tacky with the... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Albums of the Year!

It's been a pretty good year for music- no complaints from me! I could easily do a top 10, 20- probably 40 albums of the year, but no-one wants to read that, so I'm sticking to top 5. Let me know your top albums of the year. 5. Kendrick Lamar- DAMN. I'm sure this album's... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Favourites Tag!

I've never done a tag, nor am I sure if I've read one? So bare with me in this post.. I'm just gonna talk a load of Christmas stuff and hope that suffices. If it's completely wrong then woops. (enjoy this mess!) Fav Christmas film- Until like two years ago I'd have said Nativity but... Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes Of My Blog!

I'm a whopping 160 posts into this blog now, and with the exception of a few small series (A Tasty Tour Of Europe+My Style Evolution)they're all unique posts. I thought I'd give you a run through in this post of what goes into each one! The Idea... I have most of my ideas late at... Continue Reading →

A List of Fond Memories

This post is going to be a little different, in that I'm not going to give any reasoning or explanation for what I write. I guess it's quite a personal post, but I hope that by not giving depth to these memories, perhaps you as the reader can relate to some in your own personal... Continue Reading →

Seasons Greetings in St Albans!

Christmas is fast approaching, today I can open my advent calendar- woo! (Reminder to self- why haven't I already??)  So, yesterday I ventured to the cute little town of St Albans to visit the Christmas market. First things first though, brunch was the top of the agenda. One of the highest rated places for food... Continue Reading →

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