Street Art and Aperol Spritz’ in Milan

Day two of Milan came, (check out my post on day one if you haven't yet!), and having spent all of the previous day sightseeing it was time to go off piste a little and see a different side of the city. Our apartment was walkable from the district of Isola, which we'd read was... Continue Reading →


Sightseeing in Milan!

On Tuesday I set off bright and early for a cheap Ryanair flight to Milan, Italy from Stansted, London(ish). We had a very loose itinerary, a small food bucket list, and the knowledge that Thursday night we'd receive our university results which made the trip a celebration of sorts. SO. We got to Milan and... Continue Reading →

A Lazy Afternoon By The Lake…

The weather has been b e a u t lately, across most of Europe- judging by the weather app on my phone. But, in the UK it's so rare to have so much sun so soon, it feels criminal to not take full advantage of it! So yesterday, after watching the England football match (2-1... Continue Reading →

Beers, Boats and Bristol!

With uni aside, I've got a fair bit of time on my hands, and so on Monday drove the length of the M4 to go spend some time with my friend Dan, in Cardiff. After a few beers and then a night out in the city, it was Tuesday, and time to venture out of... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Reading

Finishing a degree in English Literature, for which I often had to read four books a week, could have had a couple of effects on my love for books. I wouldn't have been surprised if I never wanted to look at one again. However, since finishing, I've had a fair bit of time on my... Continue Reading →


18 years. That's how long I've spent in education. That's a LONG time, right?! And a week ago I had my last e v e r exam. Ever. It was on Young Adult Gothic fiction and didn't go nearly as well as the previous one on Postmodern Genders, but that's all in the past now... Continue Reading →

Next Up… Milan!

University is coming to an end. FAST. This time next week I'll be free as a bird, if that bird had an impending life of work ahead of it. Anyway, I'm 22 and haven't yet experienced life outside of education. That reality is approaching, so one last celebration is needed. And that celebration has turned... Continue Reading →

The Time Of My Life

So a couple of weeks ago now I went into London for the first of two days, both of which were set to be some of the greatest experiences of my life. One of my favourite bands of all time, Arcade Fire, were playing in Wembley and I had tickets to see them... twice! I... Continue Reading →

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