Looking Round Lisbon!

I'd been in Portugal, specifically Lisbon, for four days before I actually ventured into the city centre. When I got there it lived up to everything I was hoping for, and more! I thought perhaps it may feel like a typical Spanish city, but it was so much more than that- arty and unique, with... Continue Reading →

My Student Life- Fiction and Reality…

I know the university year is just about over, but a whole year of students will be finding out whether they've got their grades pretty soon, so a uni post is always pretty useful, right? Before I started, three years ago now, I'd heard loads of stereotypes and things that were 'guaranteed' to happen to... Continue Reading →

Moving Out Of Holland…

Life is flying past my eyes; every time I blink another week is gone. Nearly a year ago I ventured out to the Netherlands, all on my own, and moved into an empty room, in a strange city. As I write this it's Monday, so I've just experienced my last weekend living in the room... Continue Reading →

Partying With The Portuguese!

When people think of Portugal they think of hot weather, great beaches, seafood and wine. They don't necessarily think of a thriving music scene, but perhaps one day this won't be the case, because 4 of the 6 stages at NOS Alive Festival were made up of native acts. Impressive stuff, but I wasn't here... Continue Reading →

The Fresh Prince of Belém (Lisbon)

Our apartment was conveniently located in the middle of Lisbon city centre, and Belém, home to the very impressive Belém tower. As we had big evening plans, we decided to use our daytime hours to wander on down and explore all that this area had to offer. Before I get into the juice, I'd like... Continue Reading →

The Artiest Factory Ever! (Lisbon)

Just a minutes walk from our apartment was the LX Factory, categorised as an 'Art Factory'. I'd never heard of such a thing before, but it turned out to be an entire old factory complex (cobbled streets and all) which is now heaps of shops, bars and restaurants, covered in unique and incredible art. Living... Continue Reading →

I’m Back From Lisbon!!

So obviously I've been absent for about five days now, a bloody long time considering I usually post daily, and the reason being was that I was in sunny Portugal- Lisbon to be precise. I went for the annual NOS Alive festival, this year headed by The XX, The Weeknd, Foo Fighters and Depeche Mode.... Continue Reading →

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