Photography With A Glass Prism

I saw some really cool videos of people trying photography with a glass prism so I thought I'd buy one for myself. Now I'm super super new to photography, and I didn't even leave my garden to take these photos so don't judge too hardly! But here's my first ever attempts, without any editing, photoshop... Continue Reading →

Embracing The Outdoor Lifestyle!

The British summer is infamous for being temperamental and generally crappy- today was no different. Hot then cold, rainy then bright and breezy! But, I've spent enough time indoors this year, so we decided to head to the local pitch n putt for a game of par 3 golf. I started off the day the... Continue Reading →

21 Things I’ve Accomplished Aged 21

Although it's always positive to look forward, too much of my future is built around a want. Whether it's a want for experience, for possessions or for a feeling, I'm driven by the satisfaction I think I'll feel once I've accomplished these wants. A while ago I posted 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 , which... Continue Reading →

200 Followers! Woo!!

I set a goal, a little while back, to reach 100 followers by Christmas. It's August now and I've just reached 200!! Thank you so much to everyone who followed me recently or has been followed for a bit! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read whatever nonsense I have to spill, whenever... Continue Reading →

Embracing My Feminine Side

I've never been the manliest of men. I can hold a conversation about football because I love the sport, and I drink pints of lager like anyone, but there's just something about me which isn't manly. I wouldn't say I'm girly either, but as far as heterosexual guys go, I'm not on the ultra-masculine end of... Continue Reading →

My Money is (May)Flying away!

Fashion posts on my blog are like buses- you wait flipping ages for one and then two come at once! I bought another pair of trainers today, so I thought I'd give a little run down of these, like I did with my new Vans x Schulz the other day! These new ones are the... Continue Reading →

Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

Everyone knows the comic Peanuts, by Charlie M. Schulz. Even if you've never seen it/ read it, you're surely familiar with the characters of Snoopy the dog, or Charlie Brown. So, when Vans, the clothing company, recently announced a collaboration with Schulz, I was very excited. But, Vans have done some really crap collabs, so... Continue Reading →

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