A Sunny Day in London for the Marathon!

Yesterday was the London Marathon; I'm pretty sure all of you will know about it, even if you're not reading from the UK? Anyway, I knew someone running it, so went along with my housemate, Hayley, to cheer him on! Before anything, with the train pulling into Kings Cross, I wanted to seek out Tracy... Continue Reading →


Everything’s Ending…

I have two quick topics to talk about in this blog post- this pretty cool little edit of a photo and what I used to make it, and then how I recently had (maybe) the last student Wednesday night out at uni ever? (There may be one more I go to?) If you're not interested... Continue Reading →

OMG, a fashion post?!

This blog has always been a mismatch of travel, lifestyle, fashion, my thoughts.. everything really. But something's been lacking for a while now, something I've been promising since before Christmas and I've missed the boat on a whole season of.. fashion! So, if you've followed this blog or my insta (@jvrrvdsvul) for any time now,... Continue Reading →

A Little Creative Sample…

I'm currently deep deep deep into a creative writing dissertation (as well as an English literature one), and so I thought I'd share a little sample of my un-drafted work so far. I think I posted an early draft of this story agesSsSs ago, so I won't post the beginning again, so here's a chapter!... Continue Reading →

The Master Of My Own Happiness

I had a period a few months back of feeling a little 'meh'. Something was missing, something to look forward to and then experience and then look back on. That something was live music. SO, as the title of this post suggests, I took matters in to my own hand and booked a handful of... Continue Reading →

One Month Wounded…

I last posted a month ago but I'm not going to blab on about that- I'm back now and that's all that matters! I've been doing a lot of creative writing because my dissertation is looming and needs must- so I might be posting a little taste of my work because, if I do say... Continue Reading →

My Latest Venture!

So a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to make money, and my contract at Sainsbury's recently ended so whilst I'm looking for a new job I've decided to start sourcing great items of clothes and selling them on! I know you may be thinking why would I buy clothes from someone who's... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not A Food Blogger!!

The amount of times I've been messing around in the kitchen and ended up cooking something tasty by accident is countless (there's also countless times I've cooked something barely passable as edible but that's not helping my point.) After some of my successes I've been tempted to try and replicate them with some photos along... Continue Reading →

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